Design a ‘rinse and repeat’ consulting package that leverages your time, streamlines your process, and increases your revenue.

Design a ‘rinse and repeat’ consulting package that leverages your time, streamlines your process, and increases your revenue.

✔️ Reduce scope creep ✔️ Stop writing custom proposals ✔️ Increase your project profitability

You've got the expertise, authority, and experience, but you know that you haven't packaged your products and services in a way that is streamlined, easy to deliver, and highly leveraged.

You need a Productized Offer: An off-the-shelf service with a fixed price and fixed scope.


Say goodbye to scope creep

Tired of the ‘quick’ client projects you thought would finish ahead of schedule which turn into an ever-growing beast without a clear finish line? Productized Offers help eliminate the awkwardness around fuzzy boundaries and deadlines.

The ones where:

  • Unknowns multiply like rabbits
  • The scope for the project flies out the window
  • Your questions to your client go unanswered
  • Delays transform your timeline into a maze of uncertainty

But worst of all? Because this custom project is eating into your time, you’ve had to turn away a lead (or two) because you can’t work with them.

When will this project end? No one knows, including you. It just keeps growing.


It’s hard to build a sustainable business when every project you sell is custom, which means each project has new unknowns. This makes it difficult—if not impossible—to create an efficient delivery process, even when you're an expert at what you do!

Rewriting proposals for every project that comes through your door is costing you and your clients time and money.

Custom projects take more time, have more unknowns, and earn you less profit.

What if there was a better way?


“But every project is so different!”

What if you could take custom projects and proposals off the menu? Instead, sell fixed-price, fixed-scope, fixed-timeline services: Productized Offers.

Productized Offers help you define a pre-determined scope of work along with internal processes you can follow for delivery, and a price that fairly compensates you for the value you’re delivering.

When you step away from selling custom work through proposals:

  • You’ll take less time to sell. When you aren’t writing a custom proposal for each project, you’ll find that your sales process goes much faster. Send a templatized email that highlights the details of your offer and includes the next steps. Boom, you’re done.
  • You’ll make more profit. As you get more efficient with your offer, you’ll take less time to deliver each engagement, and your profit will increase.
  • You’ll feel more at ease. Instead of battling scope creep, you’d have a clear set of terms for the engagement you can share with leads and clients.
  • You’ll take fewer risks. By starting with a defined, fixed-scope starting point, you’ll reduce the risk of scope creep or ever-expanding projects.
  • You’ll have more fun. Because you’re optimizing your offer to focus on what’s easy + enjoyable + in demand, you’ll have way more fun delivering on projects.

But can it all be that simple? What are the specific steps you should take to productize an offer? How do you know if you’re launching an offer that your clients want?


Learn How To Design Your Productized Offer

Design Your Productized Offer is your path to launching a systemized, repeatable, done-for-you service with a fixed-scope, fixed-price, and fixed-timeline. DYPO is part course, part mastermind where we'll:

  1. Explore the process for creating productized offers that your market and clients want
  2. Standardize a service you’ve already sold into a productized offer
  3. Define your process and Standard Operating Procedures so you know how to fulfill your offer from intake through delivery
  4. Draft an initial sales page that outlines who your offer is for, what problem it helps with, and who is a good fit as a client, along with the scope, price, and timeline
  5. Start selling your productized offer by reaching out to past clients and leads
  6. Set up a promotional system (with both short-term and long-term promotional efforts) so you can promote your offer on autopilot

Over the 12-Week guided mastermind (and in the 5 group + hot seat calls), you’ll get specific, actionable feedback to help you design your productized offer, define a process, and start making sales.

What’s Included?

Explore strategies and systems for creating productized offers

In DYPO, you’ll get 7 laser-focused modules to help you master the process of creating and refining your productized offers.

We cover:

  • Creating your initial offer
  • Assembling your Sales Page
  • Pitching, selling, and promoting your offer
  • Validating the idea for your offer in the wild
  • Different formats, pricing, and structures for productized offers
  • Defining your unique process (and tools to help you along the way)
  • How to identify valuable opportunities for productizing your services
  • Why you’re already most likely doing strategy work without realizing it

Along with hands-on homework assignments to help you apply the concepts. Expect to spend about 2-4 hours per week implementing what you're learning.


Discuss with experts & peers

You'll go deeper into the concepts by attending five live online sessions via Zoom video. Live sessions are 90 minutes long and feature hot seats to get you actionable feedback on your productized offer, sales page, process, or promotional efforts.

You’ll also get:

  • Productized Service Sales Page Swipe File learn from experts and get inspired with this library of 15+ productized service sales pages we found 'in the wild'
  • Resource Library. With templates, examples, podcasts, articles, and more included throughout the course to help you take action with what you're learning.
  • Business Health Analysis. Get insight into your business — and your advantages — as you start to design your productized offer.

Design Your Productized Offer is a guided course with a multi-week mastermind hosted by Kai Davis and Marie Poulin.

When you register, you’ll get access to the course material, lessons, and homework.

Over the 12 week guided mastermind, you’ll take part in five 90-minute group coaching calls to help you turn what you already deliver into a productized offer. (Run into questions? Get stuck? Need a pair of eyes on your offer or sales page? The hot seats in the guided mastermind are what you’re looking for.)

Take the start of the year to design, promote, and start selling a productized offer (and make some extra cash!).

There are limited seats available for this 2021 launch of Design Your Productized Offer. Once these seats get filled, registration will close until our next launch in late 2021. (Curious about the timing of the group mastermind calls and hot seats? View the provisional course schedule right here!)

Mastermind Calls + Hot Seats (90 Minutes)

  • Optional Late December Meeting (Topic: Introductions + Your Business Health Analysis)
  • Jan 9th (Topic: Deciding on what offer to craft + Starting on easy mode)
  • Jan 23rd (Topic: Map out your offer + Define Your Process)
  • Feb 6th (Topic: Launching your Sales Page)
  • Feb 20th (Topic: Promoting + Selling Your Offer)
  • March 6th (Topic: TBD)

With your purchase, you’ll:

  • Stop writing custom proposals
  • Eliminate frustrating scope creep
  • Launch a leveraged service offering
  • Create more profitable service offers
  • Design your new signature productized service offer

Ready to get started? Apply now to reserve your seat in Design Your Productized Offer.


"How much is this?"


Or two payments of $800.

"What do people have to say about working with either of you?"

Both of us — Marie and Kai — are thrilled to have worked with a ton of exciting clients and helped them take action, grow their business, and launch new offerings.

Here's what Helen has to share about working with Marie:

The fact that F*ck Your Elevator Pitch is in the world, selling slowly but surely, has me completely overhauling my services. In a good way. I already have plans to rewrite the original course (Write Your Own Damn Copy) and I'm pitching a speech today based on these ideas. This wouldn't have happened (this soon, maybe at all) if it weren't for your gentle nudges. Thank you!

And here's what Patrick has to share about working with Kai:


Helen Tremethick Communications Distillery

In my opinion, the number one thing to look for in a coach is the ability to understand the way you communicate without you having to translate. Whenever I say something to Kai, he always understands me, even if my thoughts are only partially formed. That’s the killer feature of a great coach. We're always reaching for the next thing when we work together – that's the whole point of coaching! We can go so much faster because Kai understands the way I think and the way I communicate.

Patrick Foley Product Manager

We don't have any testimonials for Design Your Productized Offer yet — and we're hoping that you can help us with that.

"Am I a good fit for DYPO?"

DYPO is for freelancers, indie consultants, small business owners, and service professionals who are ready to launch a productized offer and take on more advanced consulting challenges.

You’re a good fit for DYPO if:

You’re looking for more leverage with your time

You want to stop writing custom proposals

You’re aiming to launch a standardized, productized service offering

You've been thinking about creating a digital product but aren't sure where to start.

You have a specific target market in mind (or you’re willing to focus on a market, niche, or audience you’ve previously worked with).

If you’re willing to put in the work, attend the calls, and do the homework, you’re a great fit for DYPO.

Who isn’t DYPO right for?

If you’re brand new to freelancing or selling services (or haven’t ever sold a service to a client before), DYPO isn’t the right fit for you.

You're brand new to freelancing and/or service delivery

You've never sold services to a client before

You have under 3 years of experience selling and delivering services to your clients

You're not willing to pick a target market/niche to focus on

You don't have the time to do the homework or attend the calls

DYPO isn’t a fit for you if you aren’t willing to put in a little elbow grease. We recommend you block out ~15-30+ hours for the course to read the material, attend the calls, do the homework, and take action.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve made it this far, you might have a few questions. Here are the answers to common questions that people have asked us about DYPO. (Have a question that isn’t on the list? Send us an email, and we’ll get you an answer in a few business days.)

How much time should I set aside to get the most out of the program?

DYPO compresses years of Kai and Marie's professional experience into a streamlined -week part-time course. Launching a productized offer takes a lot of effort. To get the most out of DYPO, you should plan to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours per week on the program material, homework, and live online sessions. (Our most successful students spend 4-8 hours per week.)

Will I have access to the material after the program is over?

You'll have access to the course material and call replays for 12 months.

When do the live calls take place?

What do I need to be able to do the course?

This course is delivered using Notion, and all of the course templates included are Notion templates. If you're already familiar with Notion, you'll be able to quickly and easily add all of the templates to your account.

If you don't use Notion, you can always copy/paste the templates into a tool of your choice. The templates will still help you shave hours of time off the process of outlining your offers.

“What if this doesn’t work for me?”

We’re confident that the lessons, processes, systems, and mindset you’ll learn in DYPO will help you launch, promote, and sell a productized offer. If you’ve:

  • Completed the assignments
  • Attended the group calls
  • Asked questions and submitted work for feedback
  • Followed our advice

and still haven’t been able to craft a productized offer, we’ll work with you 1-on-1 to help you get your offer launched and promoted.

If you do the homework, attend the calls, follow our advice, and aren’t able to craft a productized offer, we’ll refund your program fee.

Meet your guides

This mastermind is brought to you by Marie Poulin and Kai Davis, two indpendent consultants who've seen first-hand the financial benefits of integrating productized consulting services into their offers and want to show you what works.



Marie is a business consultant, digital strategist, and designer helping clients plan, design, and launch their product and service ecosystems. She helps her clients optimize their offers to increase their impact and profitability (without the burnout). With a specialization in Design Thinking + Innovation, and training in Agile methodologies, Marie will help you take a research-driven approach to your product development process so you can be sure you're creating something your customers are truly craving.


Kai Davis helps indie consultants market themselves as expert specialists. With over a decade of experience as an indie consultant, he runs a small Shopify consulting agency that sells productized services and coaches indie consultants on how to launch productized consulting offers. Kai will help you identify your productized offers, polish them for your target market, and market + promote them for sales.